Saturday, May 2, 2015

Product Review: Auburn Leathercrafters French Pattern Figure 8 Harness

The Auburn Leathercrafters French Pattern Figure 8 Harness is designed to fit a wide range of body types. It features a continuous strap design that wraps around the neck and chest, held in place by a leather medallion with an upright leash ring. This harness is available in six sizes to fit a variety of small animals.
Photo by Erin Koski

The figure 8 harness is one of the most basic designs out there. It's versatile because it's so simple, and a makeshift harness like this can be made by wrapping a leash around the dog.

This was a really cute harness in the pictures I found on the Auburn Leathercrafters website. I really like their products so I had high expectations. In person though, it's really sort of awkward.

The neck loop sits very high and would probably choke Ru if he decided to pull. Due to the way the straps are threaded through the center, the chest strap sits at an angle. It's well clear of Ru's elbows, but it's also almost behind his ribcage.

The sizing for this harness is also a little odd. The six sizes, XXS-XL, are measured in inches, but those inches don't correspond to a single part of the dog. In order to figure out the size, you have to measure the dog's neck, measure their chest, add those two numbers, and then add 3.5" to get the final measurement. This means than little 6-pound Ru wears a size medium 28-34" harness.

Pros: High quality leather, very sturdy. Allows freedom of movement without restricting the shoulders. Probably difficult to escape. Versatile design means I can probably use it on my cat/iguana/tortoise/monkey/etc.

Cons: Will be stiff until oiled thoroughly. Awkward fit on my tiny dog. Neck loop sits high enough to choke. Sizing is kind of weird.

Bottom Line: I bought this harness because we didn't have anything like it. Now I understand why we don't have anything like this.

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