Saturday, May 16, 2015

Product Review: Angel Leather Collar

This is a flat buckle collar by Angel Pet Supplies. It is padded and extremely sturdy. Angel dog collars come in a variety of sizes to fit necks 10-26" around.
Photo by Erin Koski

I've seen a couple of these collars on dogs at daycare, and of course they had them at Dog. Dog. Cat. They seem to hold up particularly well for colored leather, though the pink ones start to look dirty after too many adventures.

I wanted to get one of Angel's Alpine collars, which have a center ring. When I ordered this collar on Amazon, it was pictured and described as having a center ring. It was also identified as the Alpine collar. When it arrived, it was just a standard buckle collar with no center ring.

According to the chart on Angel's website, it does not appear that the 12" Alpine collar even comes in purple. It's there on their online store, however. Sure enough, the collar pictured is the one we have, with no center ring. I suspect they may be discontinuing this size/color/style. The tiny rhinestone collars definitely have a center ring.

Pros: Fairly light and thin for my little wisp of a dog. Gorgeous color that lasts with a little care.

Cons: It's a bit stiff for such an itty bitty collar. This size doesn't have the center ring shown in most of the stock photos.

Bottom Line: Buying stuff on Amazon can be sort of a gamble. I would have bought the purple rhinestone collar at Dog. Dog. Cat. if they'd had it in Ru's size. These are a little too stiff and wide to be everyday wear for Ru, he has been going naked lately since his neck has been rubbed bald again.

What sort of collar is your dog wearing today?

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