Monday, May 25, 2015

Product Review: Fraggle Rock Custom Biothane Martingale Slip Lead

Our Fraggle Rock Biothane Martingale Slip Lead was custom made just for Brisbane. It is waterproof, seawater proof, sandproof, and pretty much everythingproof. It also looks quite snazzy.
Photo by Erin Koski

I used to use Lupine collars, leashes, and harnesses for my dogs at the beach. They were sturdy, reliable, and annoyingly absorbent. Every beach trip ended with either hanging the gear out to dry and then trying to shake the sand off, or rinsing it and then hanging it to dry. Either way, we brought home way more sand than necessary in those soggy collars.

Last year I started replacing our beach gear with waterproof, non-absorbent gear like Brisbane's Dublin Dog collar. The synthetic gear doesn't fade in the sun or absorb seawater, so it keeps looking awesome even after being dragged through the mud.

Photo by Erin Koski

I wanted a biothane harness for Ru, but couldn't find one. Fraggle Rock Designs custom-made Ru a beach harness and matching leash that fit perfectly.

For Briz, I wanted something that was easy to get on and off, escape-proof in case he saw the mailman while wearing it, and wide enough to distribute pressure across his neck when he needs to get from the car to the sand RIGHT NOW! (According to Brisbane, this is the only time it is permissible to pull like a sled dog.)

This custom biothane martingale does everything I need it to. The collar is nice and wide to help distribute pressure. The 4' leash is thin enough to hold in the same hand as my Chuckit while juggling my car keys and chihuahua. The martingale loop is big enough to allow me to slip the collar over Brisbane's head, but not so big that it flops around when there's no leash pressure. The slip action is fast enough to keep Brisbane contained even when he tries to back out of the collar, though it's probably not fast enough to do an actual leash correction.

Pros: Doesn't pick up sand, salt water, or dead sea lion goop. Washes clean with minimal effort. Probably skunk-proof, have not tested this theory. Easy-to-use slip lead that won't strangle my dog or let him escape at the worst possible time.

Cons: I haven't yet figured out a good way to carry this leash once we're on the beach and Brisbane is running free, since I can't clip it to itself.

Bottom Line: I now have the coolest beach leash ever for Brisbane. Thanks Fraggle Rock!

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  1. Use a caribeener to connect the wrist loop tosome part of the collar.