Saturday, May 30, 2015

Product Review: Kurgo Portsmouth Raincoat

I got this Kurgo Portsmouth Rain Coat on REI.com. This coat has been discontinued, but was originally available in five sizes. Ours is an XS, intended to fit dogs with 14-20" chests and 8-13" necks.

Photo by Erin Koski
The stock photo of this rain coat shows a pug wearing it, and that is exactly the type of dog is was designed to fit. Ru has a 12" chest, and despite the fact that this coat is made for a dog with a 2" larger chest, it still manages to be a couple of inches short in the back.

Ru has an extraordinarily long back for a chihuahua. He has several outfits that are a little short, but they aren't raincoats. A good raincoat should cover the dog from neck to tail. 

At the same time, the Portsmouth Rain Coat is too big around for Ru. If I tried to solve the length problem by going up a size, it would be huge on him.
Photo by Erin Koski

Something weird I noticed about the Kurgo Portsmouth Rain Coat is that it does not bear the name "Kurgo" anywhere on it. Indeed, the only identifying mark on it is a plastic logo that says "me & zelda". If I hadn't purchased it new through a trusted retailer, I would never have known it came from one of my favorite dog gear companies.

Pros: Sturdy and well-made. Breathable and non-restrictive. Blanket-style coat is easy to put on. Adjustable chest and belly straps made from heavy duty nylon.

Cons: Designed only for very short-backed, wide-chested dogs. Made in China.

Bottom Line: This coat would rock for a French bulldog, or a pug. Maybe an obese chihuahua.

What sort of rain gear do you use to keep your pup dry?

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