Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Product Review: Lollycadoodle Wool Snake Toy

This Lollycadoodle Snake Toy is made from 100% New Zealand wool. The wool is dyed and hand-felted in Kathmandu, Nepal. These toys are made in a Fair Trade facility from a renewable resource, they come in two sizes and five colors.

Photo by Erin Koski
This was the best thing that arrived in our March Allergy-Friendly BarkBox. This snake is so cute I can barely stand it. It's exactly the sort of thing I want to have laying around on my floor.

I used to think that felted wool toys like this wouldn't be particularly attractive to dogs because they don't squeak, crackle, grunt, or make any other sounds. I was wrong though, the dogs think it is awesome. It can be thrown, shaken wildly, and loving gnawed on.

There's definitely something about the texture of this toy that the Brisbane really likes. He enjoys biting his toys rather than chewing them, and the Lollycadoodle snake is obviously quite nice for biting.

Photo by Erin Koski
Pros: Sustainably made in a Fair Trade facility, how cool is that? No squeakers or noisemakers, and no stuffing to spread all over the house. This is a stuffingless toy that doesn't feel flat and dead.

Cons: I'm not actually sure how to wash this toy.

Bottom Line: When the foster puppies start collecting toys in a pile, this is one of the first one they claim.

What is your dog's favorite toy?

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