Monday, May 11, 2015

Product Review: Caddis Dog Coat

This Caddis dog coat is a blanket-style coat with a nylon shell and a warm fleece lining. It is adjustable in the front and around the middle, and has two buckle closures.
Photo by Erin Koski

The Caddis company apparently specializes in making waders, but at some point they also made dog coats. Their current products do seem to be very high-quality, weatherproof, serious outdoor gear.

This little coat is a thrift store find, and it is in excellent shape. It is thick, warm, and well-constructed. It does not, however, fit Ru particularly well. This coat is made for a shorter-backed dog. It's a little small for Ru, and a little stiff.

Pros: Heavy duty winter jacket. Easy to put on.

Cons: The hardware is a little heavy for an itty bitty dog.

Bottom Line: One of these days I need to start an Ebay store for my surplus dog stuff. Anyone have a tiny, cold dog with a 10" back?


  1. Have a 60 pound English Pointer mix who's large size fits great. She loves her coat and it is tough.