Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Treat Tuesday: Blue Buffalo Wild Rolls

Blue Buffalo's Wild Rolls are kinda like a roll of salami, only with dog food instead of sausage. There are several different brands of dog food that come in roll form, and they are all very economical to use as training treats. They vary in value to the dogs, and the Wild Rolls seem to be especially tasty.
Dog food salami roll

Good For

  • Chopping into tiny training treats of the perfect size
  • Staying moist and non-crumbly even after several hours exposed to the air
  • Very high-value training treats
  • Feeding to picky dogs, as these are also complete and balanced dog food

Not Good For

  • Chopping into perfect neat cubes, this stuff is softer and squishier than any other food roll I've used
  • Diabetic dogs, or those that need to watch their glycemic index. All rolled dog food contains a lot of sugar

How Much We Like Them

Enough that I buy them on a fairly regular basis to use as training treats. For the price, it's hard to beat the number of treats I get out of one roll. Plus I can chop them exactly as small as I need them.

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