Wednesday, March 22, 2017

The Scratch N' Squeak Dog Ball Launcher

I just found out about the Scratch N' Squeak, and it's so cool I have to share. This is basically an outdoor multi-tool for your dog. It's a ball launcher with a squeaker and a brush built in. It's brilliant!
tennis ball launcher for dogs
Photo by Erin Koski

Bring On the Fetch!

Godzilla is absolutely the Queen of Fetch, but Zip isn't always enthusiastic about bringing the ball back. My dearly departed Brisbane was even worse, he would chase the ball down, bite it thoroughly, and then stand there waiting for me to catch up. "My work here is done." 

Obviously the creators of Scratch N' Squeak have had a similar experience, because they built a squeaker into the handle of their ball launcher. Nothing amps my dogs up like a squeaky toy, and they can't run off with this one! Throw the ball, let them get it, and then squeak-squeak-squeak to help encourage them to bring it back again.


If you own a Chuckit or similar ball launcher, you've probably used it to scratch a dog before. It's kinda shaped like a back scratcher, right? Not every dog is thrilled with the idea of being rubbed with the instrument-o-fetch, but we've met plenty of dogs on the beach that didn't mind some tool-assisted petting.

Scratch N' Squeak is even better for petting dogs, because it has a contoured brush built in. Rather than just scratching your dog's rump, you can actually pull some loose hair off of him while you're enjoying the outdoors. It's perfect when your pup is resting after a game of fetch. 

If your dog is anything like Zip and Godzilla, they get excited as soon as they see a ball launcher, even if there isn't a ball in sight. I'm pretty excited about the Scratch N' Squeak myself. It's currently available for pre-order, and I'm looking forward to the one for larger-diameter balls that will hopefully be coming out next. 

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