Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Treat Tuesday: Plato Thinkers

Plato's Thinkers are kinda like Slim Jims for dogs. At least, that was my first impression when I cracked open this single-serving duck-flavored treat stick. It's meaty, and has that same sort of...uh...skin. The only ingredients are duck, rice, and collagen casing. These are meaty and smelly and the dogs thing they are pretty awesome. They don't break up into little training treat pieces though, they're more for snacks.

Good For:

Single-serving Plato Thinkers duck stick
  • Stuffing in toys like the Squirrel Dude and Halfball
  • Breaking into several pieces to share with multiple dogs
  • As a special "I love you!" treat

Not Good For:

  • Breaking into tiny training treats

How Much We Like Them:

I'm glad Plato has started offering individually-wrapped Thinkers. I've been meaning to try them for ages, but the price of a whole bag can be pretty steep.

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