Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Treat Tuesday: Blue Buffalo Wilderness Wild Bits

Blue Buffalo's Wilderness Wild Bits are soft little cubes that are just the right size for training. Unlike many soft treats, these actually maintain their texture for hours when exposed to air. I don't care what kind of chemist wizardry is going on with that, these things are awesome. I'm not a fan of Blue Buffalo in general, they do a lot of shady things and basically all of their food is made out of chicken no matter what it says on the front of the bag. Still, their moist treats are hard to beat.
Wild Bits moist training treats that stay soft and don't dry up.

Good For

  • High-value training treats, they would be perfect if they were about half this size though
  • Shoving in Godzilla's mouth when passing a mountain biker on the trail
  • Staying soft and non-crumbly after hours in an open baggie in my pocket
  • Dogs with food allergies, these come in chicken, duck, salmon flavors and are made out of single protein sources plus potatoes and chickpeas. One of the very few Blue Buffalo products that isn't made out of chicken meal. (The crunchy biscuits are still made out of chicken meal, though.)

Not Good For

  • Dogs with potato or chickpea allergies

How Much We Like Them

I think I need to bring some of these with me every time we go hiking. Sisci Godzilla loves them, and they don't dry out and crumble. I mean, they probably would eventually, but these didn't after many hours.

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