Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Product Review: Kurgo Journey Harness

Kurgo's Journey harness is a heavy-duty adventuring harness modeled after mountaineering gear. It features a handle on top, a front leash attachment ring, and Kurgo's signature steel nesting buckles. This harness adjusts in both the neck and chest areas, and has a daisychain for attaching a light or other accessory. It is currently available in two colors and four sizes to fit dogs with chests 12-44" around.
Rugged outdoor dog harness

Super Rugged, Super Tough

This is a harness that means business. Maybe a little too much business. It's really surprisingly heavy when you first pick it up. Ours is a small, and it's a little bit too small, meanwhile the medium feels like it belongs on a pony.

Sizing issues seem to be pretty common with this harness. For some it works great. However, there are a lot of complaints that the neck loop is too big while the chest loop is too small.

Metal Everywhere

I'm no stranger to Kurgo's steel nesting buckles, but these are a little more difficult to use than the ones on our Go-Tech Adventure harnesses. I think there is metal inside the back plate too, it's what helps keep it in place but also adds tremendously to the weight.
Heavy duty hiking harness
Photo by Erin Koski


  • Can be used as a non-restrictive no-pull front-clip harness
  • Handle on back for helping dog over obstacles
  • No plastic buckles
  • Stays in place, does not rotate around dog's body


  • Sizing issues, large difference between small and medium, many dogs fall between sizes
  • Front chest plate wide enough to irritate inside of front legs on some dogs
  • Very heavy

Bottom Line

I like the design of this harness, but I don't think it scales well between sizes. I'd prefer something a bit lighter so my dog isn't carrying unnecessary weight for hours.

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