Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Treat Tuesday: Red Barn French Toast Flavored Bully Slices

I bought these French Toast Flavored Bully Slices because I saw them at the Red Barn booth at SuperZoo 2016 and thought they were hilarious. They've got a whole bunch of "bully coated" treats and chews, made with their special "bully gravy". Now we all know that bully sticks are some of the nastiest treats on the planets from the human perspective, and possibly the most delectable from the canine perspective. Red Barn claims to have created some sort of horrific concoction that can give other objects the essence of bully, but they could also just be capitalizing on the name. Bully sticks are expensive, bully-insert-thing-here is much more affordable, and my dogs might like it just as much! Clever Red Barn, very clever.
Rawhide chews

Good For

  • Being way cheaper than a bully stick
  • Portion control for dogs that can eat a large rawhide chew in a single session
  • Lasting about as long as any other small strip of rawhide
  • Smelling kinda like breakfast and kinda gross at the same time
  • Dog owners that only feed treats and chews made in the USA

Not Good For

  • Dogs that swallow their chews whole
  • Lasting as long as an actual decent-sized bully stick
  • Dogs with egg or beef allergies
  • Dogs with sensitive tummies

How Much We Like Them
The girls both love them, and they're good for a few minutes of peaceful gnawing. They give Zip diarrhea though, so these are going to be a Godzilla-only treat now.

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