Sunday, January 15, 2017

Product Review: Last Leash by Dog Proof Gear

Dog Proof Gear's Last Leash is our new everyday leash! It is chew-proof, bite-proof, and crazed cattledog-proof. It has been put through the ultimate Dog Geek test, and survived. This is a steel cable leash with a durable colorful outer coating. It features a sturdy padded removable handle, French snap, and a couple of extra loops along its length for attaching the handle or accessories. The handle can be snapped to one of the loops to make the leash shorter, or removed completely to prevent it from being devoured when you leave your dog tied for a few minutes. Last Leash is available in five colors, including a reflective option.
Steel aircraft cable bite-proof unbreakable dog leash
This is my new favorite picture.
Photo by Erin Koski

Last year Sisci Godzilla discovered that she could neatly snip through just about any leash, and my love affair with soft lightweight leather leashes came to an abrupt end. Being a cattle dog, Godzilla largely interacts with the world by biting stuff, and leashes tend to dangle at a very convenient biting height. She also gets excited and drags stuff into her crate when it's someone else's turn at lure coursing or herding. We've been through a lot of leashes in the past four months.

I had purchased a Vir-Chew-Ly Indestructible Leash at SuperZoo, and thought it basically solved all of my problems. Then Godzilla bit through Ru's Midnight Pet string leash, and I realized that no one was safe until all the dogs had cable leashes. While shopping for a Zip-sized leash on Amazon, I came across the Last Leash and decided to give it a try.

Chew-proof steel cable leash
Photo by Erin Koski

First, let me say that Dog-Proof Gear is exactly the sort of company I love supporting. The founder had a problem with a specific dog, made a product to solve that problem, and then shared it with the world. On the company website you can find pictures of that particular dog, so it's not just a good-PR, "Once upon a time I was inspired by a dog I loved" nonspecific inspiring soundbite.

This is also a company that genuinely believes in their product and is excited to share it with their customers. I bought mine via Amazon, and was contacted shortly asking how I liked my leash, and whether I planned to write an Amazon review of it.
Photo by Erin Koski

Also, they wanted offer me a new reinforced handle for my leash. Some of the Amazon reviews mentioned the padded foam cushion on the handle giving way when subjected to a lot of pulling, so Dog Proof Gear decided to improve their product and make sure everyone who needed it got the new handle.

The handle on this leash is pretty awesome. The biggest issue I've had with my other cable leash is that it's difficult to grab when I want to keep my dog closer to me. The designers of the Last Leash have clearly experienced the same issue, because they put two extra attachment points for the handle along the length of the leash. Now when I want to keep Godzilla right beside me, I just snap the handle closer to her collar.
Indestructible bite-proof metal leash
Photo by Erin Koski

Dog Proof Gear also makes a super nifty coupler accessory that they sent me to try out. Rather than snapping onto the very end of the leash, this one attaches to the last accessory loop, making point of convergence closer to me. I did not expect to like this coupler as much as I do. It's perfect. The leash is the perfect length when I have both of the girls on it. It's a perfect, simple addition to a highly functional product. This has become our daily setup for going to and from work. I could also see using this coupler setup for a backup harness or collar on an escape artist.
Bite-proof unbreakable dog leash
Photo b Erin Koski

My appreciation for the Last Leash was cemented when we went lure coursing a couple of months ago. Godzilla has a destruction-fest whilst waiting her turn, and dragged her ComfortFlex harness, tug leash, crate tiedown strap, Last Leash, and my aluminet into her crate to shred. Miraculously, the Last Leash survived!

Pros: Highly durable, chew-proof, bite-proof. Thick grippy cable is easy to grab, additional loops make convenient and comfortable grab points. Leash handle can be attached to loops to shorten length. Can be used as a tie-out with the handle removed. Handle has chunky, comfortable foam grip. Loop end for handle attachment works very well with the Vir-Chew-Ly Indestructible Leash, the handle-end carabiner for that leash can snap onto the loop. French snap on dog-end is easy to release quickly. Coupler attachment makes the perfect two-dog leash. Comes in pink!

Cons: Kind of big and bulky, though not nearly as bulky as a heavy-duty nylon or leather leash. Too big for tinydog, and does not come in a smaller size. I'm slightly worried about accidentally releasing the French snap if I grab the leash too close to my dog's collar. The French snap can also become brittle in sub-freezing temperatures, not that we have to deal with that here on the beach in southern California.

Bottom Line: The Vir-Chew-Ly Indestructible Leash is still my choice for a leash to roll up and stick in my pocket, and for my tiny chihuahua, but Last Leash is now my primary everyday leash for the girls.

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