Sunday, January 29, 2017

Product Review: Peeps for Pets

Peeps for Pets takes a ridiculous springtime tradition straight to the dogs with vinyl squeak toys and adorable plushies. You know those sugar-covered marshmallow monstrosities that pop up every year? The ones that nobody actually eats? The ones that are EVERYWHERE (because nobody actually eats them, unlike chocolate, which never sticks around for long)? Yeah, they make dog toys shaped like those. Seriously adorable dog toys.
Plush a vinyl squeak toys for small dogs
Photo by Erin Koski
First there were the chickies, then came the bunnies, then came stuffed animals shaped like those chicks and bunnies, and finally versions of those toys intended for dogs.

The main thing Peeps have going for them is that they are incredibly cute. Want to pretend you're eating adorable fluffy newborn chickens? Right here. Peeps for pets transposes this adorableness wholesale, from candy to puppy toys.


  • Come in lots of bright colors
  • Look amazing in your dog's Easter basket (what, your dog doesn't get an Easter basket?!)
  • Both vinyl and plush versions to suit your pup's taste
  • They also make cat toys!

Licensed Peeps dog toys
Photo by Erin Koski

  • At 4-5" tall, these are really sized for small and medium dogs
  • Not super durable

Bottom Line

Unless your dog is super easy on toys, these aren't going to last forever. However, the vinyl ones are much sturdier than your average cheap toy. Look for them at big box pet stores and stock up when they go on clearance!

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