Friday, January 20, 2017

Food Friday: Purina Beyond Purees

Purina Beyond Purees are nutrition-packed little pouches of goop that you can squeeze onto your dog's food to add flavor, appeal, and nutriceuticals that may or may not do anything. You know those little applesauce pouches for little kids that are suddenly everywhere? This is the dog version Complete with fruits and vegetables.
Dog food and dinosaurs

The Company

It's easy, as a dog nerd, to jump on the Purina hate bandwagon. This is the epitome of a giant faceless corporation. However, it's worth noting that they've been around for longer than pretty much everyone else. They also pour a ton of funding and manpower into research, but those resources don't necessarily go toward products like Beneful or Puppy Chow. 

As a gigantic corporation, Purina makes a ton of different feed for a ton of different animals. Unlike the small, personal companies inspired by the founders' pets, Purina isn't out to make the best dog food they possibly can. The truth is that the vast majority of dog owners cannot afford the best dog food. Many cannot even afford kinda decent dog food. Like it or not, low-income households still need to be able to feed their pets. 

Not all Purina dog foods are cheap crap though, just the cheap crappy ones. They actually pour a whole lot of research into the ProPlan product line, and I know a surprising number of dog professionals that feed it because it just works so well. Not that it's right for every dog, but ProPlan seems to be the one food that breaks the crap ingredients rule. Only Purina knows why.

Beyond is Purina's entry into the world of dog owners that actually read ingredient labels. They know that a growing number of us judge a pet food largely by the list of ingredients, rather than falling for more overt marketing tactics. To this end, Purina has introduced a line of foods that are not made from byproducts and leftovers and magic.

The Food

Beef and berries
Beyond Purees come in four different flavors, two that are supposed to support the immune system, and one each for skin and coat and for digestion. I highly doubt any of them do anything other than taste good to your dog. They are all made from oatmeal and brown rice with some fruit and vegetables and meat in there. These are definitely not complete diets, they are toppers intended to compliment a dry kibble. 

The Verdict

Godzilla will eat anything, but Zip liked the Beyond Puree. She isn't always eager to finish her kibble, so I frequently add a spoonful of canned food, a splash of broth, or a squirt of something tasty. Pet food toppers are definitely a growing part of the pet food industry.

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