Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Treat Tuesday: Digest-eeze Beef Hide

Digest-eeze Beef Hides are specially-treated rawhide chews that are more digestible than regular rawhides. The Dog Geek dogs have been exploring the world of alternative rawhide chews lately, and there are a lot to choose from. I found these at Petco, carefully packaged in a resealable bag touting the wonders of the product.
Digestible rawhides

Apparently, Digest-eeze chews are specially processed to make them easier to digest. Supposedly they dissolve 60% faster than regular rawhide, and are 99% digestible. This is a good thing, because these are incredibly poorly-made rawhide rolls.

A high-quality "retriever roll" rawhide chew should be made of a single sheet of neatly rolled hide. Take a look at the end, and you should see a nice spiral. Low-quality chews are made from random bits and chunks, stuffed in a tube to give the outward appearance of a roll. These are more dangerous for dogs that like to swallow things whole, as it's very easy for them to get a big piece loose.

Good For: Unenthusiastic chewers. Dogs that don't bite chunks off their chews. Dogs that don't try to swallow things whole.

Not Good For: Gulpers, aggressive chewers, most large dogs.
Inside view of a Digest-eeze rawhide, showing small pieces of hide stuffed in tube.

Bottom Line: I took a picture of a half-chewed Digest-eeze roll so you can see how it is stuffed with smaller bits. These are just little chunks of rawhide. They come apart easily and the outside skin of the roll is really the only part that presents a chewing challenge.

These are also a product of Brazil, so look elsewhere for USA-sourced digestible rawhide. My dogs enjoyed these, but I won't be buying them again.

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