Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Treat Tuesday: SmartBones Stuffed Twistz

SmartBones Stuffed Twistz are rawhide alternative chews with a tasty center. These things are advertised as being made from extruded vegetables, like sweet potatoes and peas. Really, they're made from corn starch and rice starch, and the actual vegetables are pretty far down the list of ingredients. That's a bit less innovative that I thought, I used to buy cornstarch bones called "cashmeres" for my cocker spaniel twenty years ago. These are also advertised as having all of the benefits of rawhide with none of the problems.
Cornstarch chew bones for dogs

Good For: Dogs that swallow large chunks of their chews. Dogs with beef allergies. Very small dogs.

Not Good For: Lasting anywhere near as long as a real rawhide. Dogs with allergies to corn, rice, chicken, pork, sweet potatoes, barley, or peas.

How Much We Like Them: Not enough to buy more, these were basically a snack for Godzilla and Zip. Maybe five minutes of chewing. I may try to find a bigger bone at some point, but my local shops only stock large expensive bags of tiny SmartBones.

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