Sunday, January 22, 2017

Product Review: Kong Duets Boomerang

This boomerang toy is from Kong's Duets toy line. These are toys that offer two different textures and sounds in one toy. Our boomerang squeaks and also rattles. This is an interactive toy, and not part of Kong's flagship rubber chew toys.
Ratting squeak toy for dogs
Photo by Erin Koski

The girls got the Duets boomerang for Christmas. It's brightly-colored, and I was curious how well it would hold up to insane amounts of fetch. As far as I can tell, Kong makes two types of toys; there's the really super durable guaranteed chew toys, and then there's the cheap flimsy stuff.

The information about the Duets toy line describes them as having a "loud squeaker". How loud is it? I'd say average. It's not super quiet, but it's nowhere near Cuz ball level.

Photo by Erin Koski

The rattling sound honestly is barely noticeable, but I think it could be fun for a shy or sound-sensitive dog. It creates the sound of lots of movement in a small and non-threatening package.

Pros: Both squeaks and rattles, to fit different play personalities. Pretty and sparkly. Boomerang shape is fun to throw.

Cons: The girls killed the squeak on Day 1. Now it just rattles. Nobody cares about the rattle.

Bottom Line: It's durable enough that we haven't fetched it to death yet, but I doubt it would stand up to any sort of real gnawing. It's a fun interactive toy for smallish dogs.

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