Monday, June 27, 2016

Product Review: Mod Anti Shock Leash

I grabbed this Mod Anti Shock Leash at a local discount store because it was so darned interesting. That big ink zigzag is supposed to stretch out when tension is applied, storing that energy instead of transferring it down the leash. I've seen this leash in several different accent colors. I'm calling it 'the waffle leash'.
anti shock stretch leash
Photo by Erin Koski

This seemed like such an interesting concept, I just had to see if it would work! I've used anti shock leashes that use elastic to store energy. I've seen leashes for giant breeds that use big springs. The thing is, both springs and elastic are very good at storing and releasing energy. They're very...springy.

The first thing I did with the waffle leash was try to stretch out the zigzag. It was very stiff. Some hefty springs are very stiff, they take a lot of strength to stretch out and then they snap back with a lot of force. The plastic zigzag spring on this leash took some force to flatten out, but then it just sort of slowly went back into shape. Most of energy used to flatten it was dissipated rather than stored.

Failing the basic physics test, I decided the leash needed an actual road test. Annie was quite happy to tow me down the trail with it, and it performed exactly as expected. The waffle leash did not absorb any shock or do much of anything at all other than look weird.

Pros: It's a perfectly sturdy 4' leash. Nobody else will have the same leash.

Cons: Large plastic shock absorber doesn't absorb shock. It is also a bit bulky.

Bottom Line: It's a regular leash that looks kinda weird.


  1. I love this leash and want to get a couple more. Any idea where I can buy it? I have tried emailing the manufacturer but they have yet to respond. Thanks!

  2. I love this leash. It DOES work and is 1000 times better than anything else I've ever used. Thanks to it, I was able to forego surgery on my shoulder. I bought mine in Marshalls about 3 years ago. I'm desperate to get more but, like you, I can't get anyone from mod to respond. It makes me think that perhaps mod is out of business.