Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Product Review: Timberwolf Sequoia Martingale Collar

Timberwolf's Sequoia Martingale Collar is soft and easy on coats. The tubular braid has no rough edges and slides smoothly along the coat. This collar is extremely flexible and very light. It comes in nine different colors and three sizes to fit dogs with necks 12-26" around.
purple soft webbing limited slip dog collar
Photo by Erin Koski

I was familiar with Timberwolf's rope leashes and soft Sequoia flat buckle collars, but I was unaware that they made martingales until I found this collar in a store.

The proportions of this collar are nice, the martingale loop isn't enormous so it doesn't hang super loose when adjusted properly. A properly fitted martingale collar should be just tight enough to not slip over the head when pulled tight, preferably without choking the dog although this isn't always possible with some escape artists. This one sits like a regular collar when loose, and isn't so huge I have to worry about Sisci catching a leg in it or something.

I like the way these collars age. I see them on dogs at daycare a lot and they seem to hold up well to the pool and sun and constant wear. They definitely age more gracefully than the standard nylon web collars.

Pros: Looks nice, is comfortable and easy on the coat and skin. Durable and looks good even with some wear and tear.

Cons: Is not available with a buckle, so it must be pulled over the dog's head. This nicely-proportioned thinner collar is only available in this size, the other two options are wider.

Bottom Line: This was my favorite semi-slip collar for Sisci until I got our White Pine collars.


  1. Don't you loooove checking out what kind of gear other dogs have at daycare? It's my fave. My Daycare is located in a wealthier area so we get all the fancy stuff. ;)

    1. OMG YES!!! My daycare also caters to the wealthy and I am the fashion police. RN Designs collars, $100 of brand new Ruffwear gear, GPS trackers...and the common stuff. Not just "a cheap nylon collar", it's "a cheap nylon collar from (insert name of major retailer here)" because I am a giant nerd. I also get overly excited when I spot something totally unfamiliar.