Monday, June 13, 2016

Product Review: Coastal Pet Size Right Harness

Coastal Pet's Size Right Harness is a figure-eight style harness that is easy to use and fits many different body shapes. The design features a single strap of adjustable length, which threads through a solid center plate. The strap runs around the dog's neck and chest, and can be pulled through the center plate to adjust either loop to any size. This harness is currently available in three colors and four sizes to fit dogs with chests 12-38" around.
adjustable figure eight harness with skulls
Photo by Erin Koski

I've seen these for years, but always thought the big plastic plate on the back was sort of tacky. On the larger sizes it looks kind of like a dog saddle, but not in a good way. This one came from a thrift store (as per usual) and it's actually the first figure-8 harness I like well enough to actually use. Who knew?

The minimum chest measurement of the harness is determined by the adjustment slider, which cannot pass through the plastic plate.

This is the only harness I've seen that allows for the neck loop to be very easily widened to slip it over the dog's head, and then tightened down again with no fuss. The chest strap then clips behind the front legs, and there is no lifting of feet involved. The back plate causes the neck strap to sit high above the shoulders, but this also means it can put pressure on the trachea and other sensitive structures in the neck. The chest strap is angled way back, it can be adjusted to sit behind the ribcage for escape artists.

Pros: Easy to put on, even for foot-shy and head-shy dogs. Minimalist design fits well over clothes. Difficult to escape. Allows total freedom of movement.

Cons: Hard plastic back plate can cause irritation. Neck strap may ride up and press on throat.

Bottom Line: If you have a dog with chest or shoulder injuries, a hard-to-fit dog, or just a canine houdini, this harness might be worth a try.

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