Sunday, June 19, 2016

Puzzle Toy Review: Omega Paw Tricky Treat Ball

Our Omega Paw Tricky Treat Ball came from a PetSmart clearance sale. The packaging said Toys'R'Us, but the ball itself still says Omega Paw. Yay private labels. This toy is a step up from the basic ball-with-a-hole puzzle. Yes, it's a ball with a hole, but the hole connects to a tube inside the ball that makes it quite a bit harder to get the food to fall out. The ball also has lots of indentations on the outside, which can be dabbed with peanut butter or spray cheese to encourage reluctant dogs to explore and figure out how it works.
dog food puzzle ball
Photo by Erin Koski

Puzzle Toy Review: 

Capacity: 4/5
The large ball fits about a cup of food, though  a whole lot of it falls out on the first roll. It's big enough to feed smaller meals out of.

Loading Speed: 4/5
Pretty darned quick as long as I use a soda funnel to pour the kibble in there.

Unloading Spped (standard dog): 4/5
It takes Annie quite a while to get those last few kibbles out.

Unloading Speed (superdog): 2/5
Brisbane is an expert ball-emptier, and this one isn't that much more difficult than a regular ball with a hole.

Size: 5/5
With three sizes available, there is a Tricky Treat Ball small enough for a chihuahua to roll effectively, and large enough to not present a choking hazard to a Great Dane.

Durability: 2/5
I'm told the original version of the Tricky Treat Ball was much sturdier, with a smaller food-dispensing hole. This one is pretty thin, and won't hold up to any actual chewing. Fine if your dog is only interested in rolling it, not good if you have a chewer and don't want to supervise nonstop.

Noise: 5/5
The soft plastic is quiet on floors of all sorts. The kibble rolling around inside makes a slight rattle, but overall this toy is pretty good at deadening sound.

Locatability: 1/5
We are currently living in one bedroom in a shared house with a small fenced yard, and I have absolutely no idea where this ball is. I looked everywhere for it before writing this review and I am baffled. Maybe it went wherever our Buster Cubes went.

Washability: 1/5
Pour soapy water in, shake, rinse, hope for the best. There's really no way to scrub, and I doubt it will dry efficiently either.

Versatility: 4/5
The range of sizes mean this ball can be used by rats, ferrets, bunnies, and squirrels. However, the lack of durability or means to clean it effectively means it's lifespan may be very limited.

Total: 32/50

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