Saturday, June 11, 2016

Product Review: Starmark Treat Dispensing Pickle Pocket

We recently acquired Starmark's Treat Dispensing Pickle Pocket, so get your mind out of the gutter because the toy looks about as bad as the name sounds. This is one of Starmark's ever growing line of toys that hold their ever growing line of proprietary treats. The Pickle Pocket holds Flavor Wave Treats, that fit perfectly in the grooves. It can also hold kibble, soft treats, peanut butter, and whatever else you feel like jamming in there.
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Photo by Erin Koski

To be honest, I wasn't expecting this one to be a hit. It looked like too much work without enough payoff. Silly me, both Brisbane and Sisci love it. Briz likes to lick it lovingly. Sisci enjoys carrying it around the house and dropping it on my head while I'm trying to sleep. The Pickle Pocket it very, very heavy.

The Pickle Pocket is also not much of a pocket. The treat slits are pretty narrow and the toy itself is mostly a solid lump of heavy rubber. This means dogs aren't likely to get their jaws caught in it, but it also means the toy isn't intended for serving kibble meals. Pretty much every treat will have to be jammed forcefully in there.

This toy doesn't give up its treasures easily, either. My dogs have been working on a set of three Flavor Wave Treats for a couple of weeks and there's still some bits in there. It's definitely a toy for a very food-motivated dog and not just a casual snacker.

Pros: Very solid and sturdy. Openings are not large enough to present an entrapment hazard. Can use with any kind of food your dog will work for. Banana chips, carrots, kibble, small training treats, applesauce, peanut butter, jerky chews, chunks of big dog biscuits, raw meat, cheeseburgers, anything. Very sturdy, can handle quite a bit of chewing from most dogs.

Cons: Too difficult for dogs that lack motivation. Too large and heavy for little dogs, though 28-lb Sisci loves carrying it around. Attracts a lot of hair and crud. Jamming treats in takes effort and commitment. Hurts a lot when dropped on your head.

Bottom Line: Worthwhile if your have a puzzle-loving genius dog and don't mind awkward questions from visitors who spot it laying on your floor.

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