Sunday, June 12, 2016

Paw Spa: EarthBath Orange Peel Oil Shampoo

EarthBath makes the most amazing smelling dog washing stuff out there, and their Orange Peel Oil Dog Shampoo might be the best one. No fake perfumey scent here, this stuff actually smells like actual oranges. Win.
orange dog shampoo

Orange Peel Oil?

Apparently a major component of citrus smell come from a hydrocarbon called Limonene. Orange peels contain a lot of it. Limonene smells nice, dissolves oils, and deters bugs. This means it is especially good at banishing that doggy odor.

It's worth noting that this shampoo is for dogs only, not for cats. EarthBath says some cats may be allergic to it. Since it doesn't stick around on your dog though, they should be ok for post-bath kitty snuggles or wrestling or whatever.

Does It Work?

Brisbane tends to get kind of funky when he goes longer than a week without a bath. EarthBath Orange Peel Oil shampoo got rid of that and smelled awesome the whole time. The best part is that the smell didn't linger. This shampoo won't leave your dog smelling like a bucket of oranges for a week, it only smells like that until you rinse it off. Then your dog just smells...clean. 

Final Verdict

If I ever run out of people shampoo I would totally use this in a pinch.

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