Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Product Review: Ollydog Night Visibility Dog Coat

OllyDog's Night Visibility Dog Coat is a bright and reflective way to keep track of your dog. This is a very lightweight mesh vest that allows freedom of movement. Velcro fasteners at the neck and belly make it very adjustable, and t goes well over a harness, coat, wheelchair, or whatever. This might be out of production now, but originally came in three sizes to fit dogs with chests 11-36" around.
yellow reflective dog vest
Photo by Erin Koski

This vest is a lot like the visibility vests joggers use when running on roads, and that is really what it's good for. The material is extremely light and thin, it won't trap heat but also feels a bit flimsy. This is a thrift store treasure that I expected to be like my $4 eBay dog visibility vests from China...until I saw the tag.

While it's a great idea for walking, I'm not sure how well this little coat will stay put on a running dog. This is definitely for urban walking and not runs in the woods.

Pros: Reflective striping is very reflective. Will not make dog too warm. Very bright and highly visible,

Cons: Will definitely tear if it gets caught on a bush or anything. Probably won't hold up very long to regular velcro use either.

Bottom Line: Walking your old lab around town at midnight? Great! Running through the woods with your hunting dog? Not with this visibility cape.

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