Annie was born sometime in 2006, she is a mix of Australian Cattle Dog and something extremely devious. Basenji has been tossed around as a possibility, as she's not very terrierish. She and her brother Ranger belong to some very dear friends who let me borrow them on a regular basis for adventures.
fat dog running
Photo by Erin Koski

Annie and Sisci Godzilla are basically the same dog. They both love to nap on the back of the couch. They both do a submissive smile and show a bunch of teeth when excited. Both girls absolutely must carry a toy with them every time they go outside, but don't mind coming back in unburdened.On hikes, they often trot side by side, and seem to get the same idea at the same time so that they both zoom off in the same direction. Naturally this causes the occasional conflict, as neither of the girls is great at sharing.

Annie's superpower is her ability to escape from almost any collar or harness. So far the only devices that will reliably contain her are prong collars and the Ruffwear Webmaster harness. Annie is also a very hard puller, and while we work on loose leash walking she is helping me test various no-pull solutions. Always a major chowhound, she does a great job of evaluating products designed to help slow down fast eaters.

Annie passed peacefully in 2018 after a long and happy life.

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