Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Treat Tuesday: Wholesome Hides Twists

These 5" twists from Wholesome Hides are a great way to occupy the dogs for a while. These are nice little rawhide chews that can easily be finished in one sitting, making them less likely to start fights or stress out my resource guarders. They are made from heavy, thick rawhide that takes a lot of work to gnaw, and made in the USA from fresh hides so they are extra-tasty.
safe USA rawhide dog treats

Good For: Small dogs that chew with low to moderate intensity. Medium-sized dogs that chew slowly and carefully. Dogs that would rather gnaw than swallow big chunks. Dogs who don't enjoy swallowing treats whole.

Not Good For: Big dogs. Intense chewers. Dogs that like to swallow treats and chews whole.

How Much We Like Them: Enough that Briz and Sisci will focus and gnaw until they're gone. Bigger rawhides are only for crate-time, otherwise I have to take them away when the cattledogs are done chewing. They're not seriously aggressive resource guarders, but they both clearly worry about their precious rawhides and run over to check on them when they think another dog might be nearby.

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