Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Product Review: Simply Fido Plush Hot Dog Rope Toy

This plush hot dog toy by Simply Fido arrived in our summer-themed August BarkBox. I'm not normally a fan of gratuitous faces on toys, but this thing is pretty cute. It has a rope running all the way through it for tug games, and it squeaks. This toy is made from sturdy canvas.
Sisci tugs the Simply Dog stuffed rope toy
Photo by Erin Koski

One thing I've learned about dog toys is that the cheap stuffies with ropes attached fall apart almost immediately. The ropes provide a good grip, and if they are only sewn in they rip out as soon as any pressure is applied. Happily, this is not one of those cheap stuffies. The rope runs all the way through it, so when I hold one end and Sisci grabs the other and starts tugging, the hot dog can handle it. That's why it's still around two months later.

This little thing has been through a lot. You see, Sisci is a typical mouthy cattledog, and she loves biting things. Australian cattle dogs say 'I love you!' with their teeth sometimes. The best defense against a bitey cattledog puppy is a toy to cram in their mouth every time they open it. Do this enough times and they eventually grab a toy themselves before running over to play.
Sisci loves her Simply Fido plush rope toy
Photo by Erin Koski

Sisci is mostly past the biting-everything stage, but she usually has a toy in her mouth. She
particularly feels the need to carry something with her every time she goes outside. The Simply Fido hot dog is definitely a favorite for this purpose. However, Sisci usually comes back into the house empty-handed (empty-mawed?), so our toys tend to migrate out into the yard where they remain until I gather them up and wash them.

The hot dog rope has been left outside in the sun and dirt for several days at a time, gotten absolutely filthy, and gone back to looking brand new after a trip through the washer. It is machine washable and has not split open or otherwise become a target for unstuffing.

Pros: Sturdy enough for games of tug since the rope runs all the way through it. Machine washable and cleans up nicely. Doesn't contain a ton of stuffing.

Cons: Pastel colors start looking dirty very quickly. Has a stupid face for no reason. I hate stupid gratuitous faces on things.

Bottom Line: It's not a toy I would have picked out myself, but Sisci thinks it is a welcome addition to the toybox.

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