Sunday, November 15, 2015

Paw Spa: Pet Head Dirty Talk Shampoo

Pet Head grooming products were created by the same people as the Bed Head products for humans, with the same non-traditional packaging in eye-catching colors and shapes. These are really fun products that go way beyond the basic shampoo and conditioner found in most product lines. With leave-in conditioner, spray detangler, and nail polish, it's sometimes hard to believe this stuff isn't for people. Until you spot the bottle that says "deodorizing shampoo" because, to be honest, I've never seen people shampoo advertised as having that particular quality.
Brisbane and Sisci in the tub with a bottle of Pet Head shampoo
"But tell us how you really feel, Briz!"

Dirty Talk

I was gifted a bottle of Dirty Talk Spearmint Lemongrass Deodorizing Shampoo, which probably means my photographer thinks my dogs are smelly. They're usually pretty odorless as far as I'm concerned, but Brisbane does get a doggy odor if he goes more than a week without a bath. I've been blaming this on his allergies.

So How Does It Work?

I have a really terrible sense of smell (see above disagreement on the stinkiness of my dogs) and I'm used to products with somewhat strong and distinct fragrances. The Pet Head Dirty Talk shampoo didn't smell like much of anything until I actually stuck my nose in the bottle. This means it doesn't try to "remove odors" by covering them up with perfume. 

Final Verdict?

This was a good shampoo. It got both Brisbane and Sisci clean and didn't irritate Brisbane's sensitive skin or leave any lingering fragrance. A few days later they still both feel clean, so there was no residue to collect crud on their coats. Their hair is soft and shiny. I've grown to love dog conditioner, and I would love to follow this up with a Bed Head conditioner. This part of their product lineup is similar to a lot of grooming brands, in that they offer eight different shampoos but only two creme rinse formulas. There are also a couple of detangling sprays, a leave-in conditioner, a deodorizing spray, and a fragrance spray. I definitely need to try more Pet Head products, or at least find them in a store and smell them.

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