Sunday, November 22, 2015

Things Brisbane can't eat anymore

Brisbane had a massive allergy bloodtest that gave us some interesting results. I already knew he reacted to chicken, turkey, duck, and eggs. The test also identified corn, barley, and sweet potatoes as potential allergens. This is pretty strange, and also makes our lives a little more interesting. It is very common for dog treats and food to be wheat-free and corn-free, but the ones with grains tend to have barley instead. Grain-free foods and treats often use a lot of sweet potatoes.

I've been going back through the foods and treats we've used in the past to see what is still Briz-safe. Here's what he won't be eating anymore:

Little Chewzzies moist training treats by Emerald Pet contain barley.
Zukes Mini Naturals and Skinny Bakes also have barley, but their Lil' Links and Genuine Jerky treats are still ok.
Wysong Dream Treats and their Epigen, and Archetype,  foods contain barley grass, and their Anergen food also contains sweet potatoes, but their Anergen 2 food is still Briz-safe.
Zoe Pill Pops, more barley. Glad I checked that while I was ordering more.
Alaska's Puppy Love Wild Salmon Jerky Treats, Wonder NuggetsWagatha's Maple Bacon Biscuits. Barley, barley, and more barley.
Fruitables Skinny Minis are made primarily out of sweet potatoes, while their Crispy Bacon Apple treats are full of barley.
Beastie Bars are made with sweet potatoes. All the cute little biscuits from Isle of Dogs are made from barley.
Cloud Star Tricky Trainers are full of barley, but their Buddy Biscuits are still good.

The one poultry-free flavor of LeanLix Lickable Dog Treat is the sweet potato flavor.
Healthy Dogma's Bacon Hearts contain sweet potatoes, and this year's Pumpkin Treats are made with
Natural Balance L.I.D. Sweet Potato and Venison Formula Treats and kibble and canned foods, for obvious reasons, but their Rabbit and Potato food is still ok.
PureVita's Salmon and Peas Entree is made with sweet potatoes. Happily their Venison and Red Lentils Entree is still Briz-safe.
Merrick Backcountry kibbles contain sweet potatoes, but their grain-free canned options are ok.
Solid Gold's one formerly Briz-safe food, canned Hund n' Flocken, is full of barley.
All but the lamb flavor of the Party Animal canned foods contain sweet potatoes.
Our old staple food, Acana Ranchlands has yams in the ingredients list, but Pacifica and Singles Pork and Squash are still good.
Missing Link Ultimate Skin and Coat Supplement contains barley grass, but Mirra-Coat's skin and coat supplement is ok.
The last Taste of the Wild variety that I still fed Brisbane, Pacific Stream, has sweet potatoes. So does I and Love and You's Simply Sea recipe.
I really love Honest Kitchen's dehydrated food, but their Love recipe was the only Briz-safe option and that has sweet potatoes. Fortunately they've just added fish-based limited ingredient Brave which is also sweet potato-free. I bet it smells like fish.
Evanger's Meat Lover's Medley is no longer an option for Brisbane due to sweet potatoes. Neither is Canidae Pure Land, but I wasn't planning on buying that one again, as they never did send me a replacement bag like they said they would.

There are still a few foods and treats that Brisbane can still have, but no wonder he was so itchy!

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