Monday, November 9, 2015

Stupid Lure Coursing Pictures

I love taking pictures of lure coursing, I always end up with the most amazing shots of dogs running intensely. The trick is to use a very fast camera, take several hundred pictures, and just choose the best ones.
lure coursing
This is what I'm trying to capture.

This, of course, means I end up with dozens are bad pictures for every good one. Sometimes I've focused on the grass instead of the dogs. Sometimes the background is full of equipment and bystanders who would really prefer not to be on the internet.

And sometimes the dogs look ridiculous. Not majestic. Not intense. Not athletic. Here are some of my favorite stupid lure coursing pictures.
Brisbane can't stay

I'm not sure what happened to Brisbane's ears here. They usually flop all over the place when he's running, but in this shot he is just holding a stay. A weird stay.

stupid lure coursing pictures

This is Sisci's dad Roscoe in the least flattering part of his stride.

stupid lure coursing pictures

The front end changed directions. The back end didn't.

stupid lure coursing pictures

Pretty much every shot of this pointer is absolutely ridiculous.

Just limbs and skin flying all over the place.

stupid lure coursing pictures

Such grace. Such poise.

lure coursing outtakes

And here's Brisbane running over Ru. They're both ok, it just made for a really silly picture.

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