Saturday, November 14, 2015

Product Review: Hero Pup 120 Discs

Hero's Pup 120 Discs are nice non-threatening 120mm mini discs. They are light and soft on the dog's mouth, and easy to throw straight. These are made from a dog-safe plastic that punctures rather than shatters when chomped. These come in a variety of bright colors.
Hero Pup 120 disc
Photo by Erin Koski

I knew I wanted to do dog disc sports with Sisci, but nobody local to me does it so I've been figuring things out on my own. The first thing I needed to do was get her interested in discs. I had one big one around, but Sisci wasn't so sure about it. She had never seen a disc before.

These itty bitty discs are awesome for introducing sensitive and smaller dogs to the whole concept of chasing a frisbee. The only throw I've been doing so far is a roller, where the disc rolls along the ground like a wheel. I don't want Sisci doing a lot of jumping until her growth plates have closed so she is less likely to suffer a major injury. She loves chasing rollers though!

Pros: Small enough even for Ru to play with, plus they fit in the pocket of my cargo pants. Tough and flexible enough to play tug. Not too scary if it accidentally hits the dog, and not super-threatening when I wave it around. Very light, so they kind of float in the air when thrown. Affordable, at #3 each.

Cons: Puppy-soft discs are very easily punctured when the dog develops some confidence and is ready to really grab them.

Bottom Line: I just noticed that the Hero website has a page on repairing punctured discs with a lighter. I need to try that with mine because they are now full of holes. Sisci has moved on to bigger discs, but Ru still likes the Pup 120s.

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