Monday, November 2, 2015

Sisci Stays

Sisci, my foster puppy, is too perfect. She is perfect with Brisbane. She is perfect with Ru. She is perfect with the cats. She is perfect with the tortoise. She learns new tricks right away and absolutely loves training time. She is amazing at herding sheep, and shows an amazing amount of talent in agility class. She is very interested in dock jumping, lure coursing, disc, flyball...
Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog
Obvious I have to keep her. She is the dog I wanted when I got Brisbane ten years ago. The dog who can do all the dog sports. I couldn't have handled her back then though. Brisbane was the dog I needed at the time, the dog who wouldn't tolerate any mistakes and forced me to become a better trainer in order to meet his needs. His physical limitations have taught me to listen to my dog and put his health and welfare over my own desires to compete.
Tired Dog Good Dog lure coursing

Wish Granted

Like many dog sports people, I have had a wishlist for my next dog for the last several years. According to my hopes and dreams, my next dog would be:

1. Structurally sound, athletic, and built to handle high-impact activity with minimal chance of injury.

2. Full of unstoppable drive. I wanted a dog just as intense as Briz.

3. Smaller than Brisbane. Not Ru-tiny, but after carrying 60-lb Josie off the trail I knew I wanted a
dog I could comfortably haul around.

4. Bouncy. I wanted a dog that could jump high enough for me to catch. Several of the dogs at work do that, and I think it is the most endearing behavior on the planet.

5. Female, because I felt Brisbane would be more likely to get along nicely with a girl and it's important to me that he not just tolerate his housemate.

6. A blue cattledog. I always wanted a blue heeler. I wanted a blue when I got Brisbane, but fell in love with him instead. This time around I was totally going to get a blue.

Sisci fits everything on that list except for color, which is obviously the least important. At 11 months old she is a brilliant, high-energy, super-drivey, super-bouncy dog that jumps onto a 3' platform as easily as she hops over a 6" jump. She picks up new skills and tricks almost as fast as Brisbane, and is entirely too much fun to train. Best of all, having someone to take turns with makes training way more exciting for Brisbane. She's not that great with people yet, but I already have a decade of experience working with a reactive working-lines cattledog.

Sisci is the dog of my dreams, and she has come along at exactly the right time. At ten years old, Brisbane has a few years to teach her how to be the best dog ever. I know his time will come eventually, and I'm glad to have his help training his successor. Sisci just fits.


  1. This is the best post I've read. It gave me goosebumps and brought tears to my eyes. I'm thrilled for you! With my rescue (my first ever) I knew she was mine and that she needed me. No one else, me. I think Sisci has found exactly who she needs too.

  2. Thank you! I am ridiculously happy with this dog, she is so perfect in every way.