Sunday, November 1, 2015

Product Review: PetProjekt Dog Meat

ProProjekt's Dog Meat toy is the most realistic fake meat I've ever squeaked. Made from their durable plastic, this thing makes a great squeak and stands up to obsessive squeaking. Also, it looks gross. They also make a steak and a dead fish.
squeaky chicken leg
Photo by Erin Koski

This squeaky raw chicken leg arrived plastic-wrapped to a styrofoam tray in last year's November BarkBox. Doesn't it look amazing? It's not as realistic as PetProjekt's squeaky seashells, but it's pretty good.

Like the Squeeki Tiki toys, this is a somewhat bouncy, hollow plastic squeaky toy. It is lots of fun to squeak, and pretty easy to chew a hole through if that's how your dog plays. Mine just like to throw it around and then lay there squeaking it though, so it will last us a while.
Dog Meat realistic meat squeaky toy
Photo by Erin Koski
See the end of it? It actually has a protruding bone with accompanying blood spot, just like a real chicken leg. So gross, but I appreciate their attention to detail.

Pros: Looks bizarrely and horribly like a raw chicken leg. Has a great squeak. Somehow durable enough to handle ten-minute-long squeakfests.

Cons: Not a chew toy, and easy for even small dogs to gnaw into pieces if they feel inclined.

Bottom Line: I don't know why PetProjekt made this toy. I'm not sure I want to keep finding it under my couch. It's weird.

What is the weirdest dog toy you have encountered?

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