Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Where Are They Now: Toys We Had.

Pitbull/corgi mix
That ear. I can't even handle it.
 A few weeks ago we went to an AKC lure coursing ability test in Hollister, California. This two-day event was about five hours away, a bit further than we normally travel for dog stuff at this point. However, my husband's extended family lives out there, so we combined lure coursing with visiting his grandmother and various aunts and uncles. His aunt was kind enough to let us stay with them for the weekend, so we got to hang out with this majestic beast:

Adara is a sweet, lovable, and intense pit bull type dog who, like most bully breeds, is tough on toys. I brought her a bag of our sturdiest unloved toys to enjoy, and she was thrilled. How did they hold up?

The Dex & Penny Squeaky Stick arrived in our January BarkBox, and I failed to get a total of ten dogs to play with it over the course of six months. Adara loved it so much she gnawed the end off right away. It's finally gone!

The XL Black Kong Extreme was probably a little more Kong than we currently need around here, especially since I was gifted a second one. This got filled with peanut butter for happy crate time. She hasn't made a dent in it yet.

Dog with nose in toy

The PetProjekt Football Tretball requires a fair amount of force to flex in order to get the treats out, and my dogs are delicate little dewdrops who found it unappealing. Adara thinks it is the greatest toy ever. She loves rooting her nose into things, and with the football she finds treats while she's smooshing!


  1. that ear is like a huge bunny ear! Soo cute!

    1. I know! It doesn't stick up most of the time, so I love seeing pictures of it up.

  2. She's just beautiful. I would like to know what the toughest toys known to dog are! My guy devours everything.

    1. PetProjekt has some pretty tough toys. The toughest ones I'm aware of though are GoughNuts. They're tough rubber with a red center, if your dog reaches the red they replace it.