Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Product Review: One Pet Planet Wooly Fun Ball

This Wooly Fun Ball from One Pet Planet didn't impress me much at first. It's a ball made out of felted wool. Nothing more. Just a solid sphere of wool, slightly larger than a tennis ball. It doesn't squeak or hold treats or anything. 

Wooly Fun Ball by One Pet Planet
Photo by Erin Koski
As it turns out, a ball of wool is a lot of fun to bite. Brisbane thinks it's ok, and several of my foster and guest dogs have really enjoyed it. We ended up leaving it in the yard for a while, and it remained as colorful and wooly as ever.

I've had a bit of trouble tracking down the company that makes the Wooly Fun Ball. So far the only online presence of One Pet Planet appears to be the website for their toy-launcher, the Slinger. It looks a bit like a stick and only throws their proprietary toys, making it look significantly less attractive than my Chuckit launcher which throws anything vaguely shaped like a tennis ball.

Pros: Super earth-friendly. Biodegradable, sustainable, made with non-toxic dyes. Fun to bite. Made out of sheep.

Cons: Doesn't squeak or making squooshy noises. Takes forever to dry if it gets wet.

Bottom Line: I'm not sure where the Wooly Fun Ball is right now, I think Sisci took it outside again. I'm sure it will turn up somewhere...or just biodegrade in the yard. I guess I don't really have to feel bad if we lose it outside somewhere since it should break down eventually.

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