Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Treat Tuesday: American Journey Bully Sticks

American Journey Bully Sticks are made, sourced, and packaged in the USA, which is a bit unusual. Our favorite bully sticks are from Red Barn, and theirs are made in Paraguay in their own facility. We got these frm Chewy.com because they were such a killer deal, a buck or two per stick. How cool is that?!

www.chewy.com bully sticksSurprisingly, not quite as cool as we were hoping. I am used to buying big fat bully sticks nearly an inch thick that take the dogs quite some time to work through. I should have read the reviews for these ahead of time because I was quite disappointed when they arrived. Super high-quality? Definitely. Domestically sourced, packaged, and produced with maximum integrity? Absolutely? Long-lasting and satisfying? Not so much. They're about at thick as a pencil and serve as more of a quick snack than a lengthy chewing project.

Good For: Briefly distracting the dogs while I leave for work. Keeping very small dogs busy chewing. A quick snack for bigger dogs.

Not Good For: Keeping Brisbane and Sisci somewhat entertained while I am at work.

How Much We Like Them: I doubt I'll order more, but Chewy mysteriously sent me a package of them after a left a review expressing my disappointment. No explanation. Still trying to figure that out. The dogs certainly aren't complaining.

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