Thursday, September 10, 2015

Product Review: All Seasons Dog Robe

The All Seasons Dog Robe is a warm fleece blanket-style coat that is both warm and light. It may be worn by itself or as an insulating layer under a waterproof shell. It is available in eight different colors and eight sizes to fit dogs measuring 8-26" from neck to tail.

Plaid fleece blanket dog coat
Photo by Erin Koski
I've seen All Seasons dog coats in a number of different horse tack shops, probably because they look just like horse blankets. This robe is not waterproof, and it's really quite thin. I think that's why Brisbane likes it. This was what he wore most often when he was chilly after the dramatic shavedown.

These blankets are very durable and easy to fit, but they don't offer much in the way of adjustment. The belly strap has a decent size range, but the neck is a fixed size. Since Brisbane has a long back, having a long enough coat means the neck is huge on him. I could probably take it in by at least 6". This causes it to slide down his shoulders and restrict his movement a bit.

Pros: Warm, light, and versatile. Easy to put on and adjust. Comes in very small sizes. Very durable. Doesn't look like people clothes, if the idea of dressing your dog up troubles you.

Cons: Only fits standard dog-shaped dogs, with little to no accommodation for long backs, wide chests, and other weirdness.

Bottom Line: I've been planning to sew the neck smaller for the last nine years. This has not prevented Briz from wearing it, though. It's nice, simple, and comfy.

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