Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Product Review: Ruff Roots Dog Chews

Ruff Roots are durable dog chews made by the Himalayan Dog Chew company. Harvested in Italy, these are created from tubers grown on the roots of a certain type of shrub. Ruff Roots are harvested without harming the plants, making them highly sustainable. While these are basically a chunk of wood, they don't splinter like a stick or a two-by-four. Ruff Roots come in four sizes for dogs under 20 lbs, dogs under 40 lbs, dogs under 65 lbs, and dogs over 65 lbs.
Heeler puppy and chew toy
Photo by Erin Koski

So...It's Made of Wood?
Ruff Roots are made of wood, but it's a special part of a woody shrub that crumbles rather than splinters. These are usually cut to provide at least one corner that can give your dog that irresistible feeling of chewing on the corner of the coffee table.

At ten months old, Sisci is well past the teething stage, but she still loves to chew on stuff. She's pretty good about limiting herself to dog toys and things that kinda look like dog toys, but she can't always resist the coffee table. I think it's because it's right at the same height as her mouth, makes it easy to absently gnaw on those corners.
Heeler puppy with chew toy
Photo by Erin Koski

This isn't our favorite chew toy for a few reasons. It doesn't taste particularly good. It's too heavy and clunky to play fetch with. Still, it's one she enjoys when the mood takes her. I appreciate that it's digestible and not made from plastic or full of questionable ingredients.

Pros: Highly appealing for furniture-eating dogs. Provides an appropriate outlet for dogs who can't resist the corners of the patio furniture. Highly environmentally friendly, sustainable and biodegradable and stuff like that.

Himalayan Dog Chew Company chew toy
Photo by Erin Koski

Cons: Really heavy, not awesome when a puppy brings it over and drops it on your toe. Not a slam-dunk for every dog, some just don't see the point. Makes a crumbly mess when a serious power chewer embarks on a mission of destruction. Kind of expensive for a chunk of wood.

Bottom Line: For serious chewers, this may be the answer. A lot of people say their power chewer has had one for months without tearing it to pieces.

Does your dog enjoy chewing sticks or furniture?

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