Thursday, September 17, 2015

Puzzle Toy Review: JW Pet Playbites Doughnut

The Petmate JW Pet Playbites Donut is another puzzle toy from the Playbites series. This is a clattering-type toy intended to be filled with small treats like kibble. The outer edge is one continuous slit, and stuffing in treats larger than the opening provides quite a challenge.
Brisbane and the playbites donut
Photo by Erin Koski

Puzzle Toy Rating

Capacity: 2/5
I can fit maybe a quarter cup of kibble in this small one.

Loading Speed: 2/5
The continuous slit means I can't wedge a funnel in there to speed things up.

Unloading Speed (standard dog): 4/5
This took visiting dog Annie several hours to empty.
dog with chew toy
Photo by Erin Koski

Unloading Speed (superdog): 3/5
Brisbane can empty it pretty quickly, but for the amount of food it holds it takes quite a while.

Size: 3/5
This is the smaller size, about 4" in diameter. It's small enough for Ru to use. The larger one is 6" across, big enough for a medium dog or a less destructive large dog, but I wouldn't give to a Great Dane.

Durability: 4/5
It will probably hold up to almost anything but deliberate destruction.

Noise: 5/5
Natural rubber, hollow and flexible. Silent on my hardwood floors.

Brisbane with the JW Pet Playbites Doughnut
Locatability: 3/5
Small enough to get shoved under the furniture, but at least it doesn't roll.

Washability: 3/5
There aren't any major crevasses, but it's not exactly easy to scrub.

Versatility: 5/5
So far all my visiting dogs have enjoyed the Playbites Doughnut, and so does Xhuuya the raven.

Total: 34/50

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