Thursday, September 24, 2015

Brisbane's First Coursing Title

Brisbane's first AKC lure coursing title certificate arrived in the mail! We can officially add CA to the end of his name! This is his second AKC title, the first is his Canine Good Citizen title. There are various certifying organizations that award titles, and some are awarded by one body and recognized by others. Newer organizations may not have their titles recognized by the AKC and other kennel club at first, but they can still be listed
Brisbane's second AKC title and ribbons
Sisci decided she needed to be in the picture too.

To earn his Coursing Ability title, Brisbane had to complete three AKC lure coursing runs. Most clubs hold two "trials" on the same day, one after the other. This is because dogs are only permitted to run once per trial. Brisbane did his first two runs in the spring, so he got his Coursing Ability title on his first run in Hollister. This was a two-day event, so he did a total of four runs.

The next coursing ability title, Coursing Ability Advanced, is awarded for completion of ten runs. If we do another two-day event and Brisbane doesn't suddenly lose interest in coursing, he will get that one on his last run. After that, Coursing Ability Excellent is awarded for twenty five runs, CAX2 for fifty runs, and the number at the end of that title goes up with every additional twenty five runs.

Brisbane's official registered name is Brisbane Leave the Cat Alone CGC CA. Yay Briz!

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