Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Treat Tuesday: Fruitables!

Fruitables dog treats are obviously made by people who like training dogs. They are awesome for training because they are tiny, and they are made in the USA so they are likely to be safe. I've used quite a few of these treats, and these are the favorites here.

Fruitables Pumpkin Baked Crunchy Treats

Good For: Sticking in food toys. Handing the dogs on my way out the door without making my hands smelly. Doing Relaxation Protocol.

Not Good For: High value training treats.

How Much We Like Them: Enough to buy another bag every time we run out. I love the way these smell.

Fruitables Whole Jerky Grilled Bison Strips

Good For: High value training treats. Breaking into little tiny pieces along the score lines. Sticking in food toys of all sorts.

Not Good For: Keeping my hands clean and unsmelly.

How Much We Like Them: I sent a bag home with each of my foster puppies when they were adopted last week. Congrats Syd and Darla!

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