Sunday, March 1, 2015

Syd the Wonderpuppy

I haven't been posting regularly this week because I have been housesitting for my photographer Erin, who lives an hour away. Joining on my housesitting adventure is Syd, the fourth and final puppy from Darla, Hellin, and Xena's litter.
Syd is the smallest of the four puppies, she is very lightly built and athletic. She can leap high in the air and likes to bounce when running for no particular reason.

I don't normally allow foster dogs on the furniture because the people that will eventually adopt them may have different house rules. However, Syd sees absolutely no reason why she should not clamber to the top of any given object, so she spends a lot of time hanging out on the back of the couch.
Syd and Darla are the two most toy-oriented pups in their litter. While she's not super-motivated to get the ball, Syd does enjoy carrying it. She also likes to carry toys around the house. Syd is a recreational chewer and enjoys a good Nylabone, antler, or Himalayan Dog Chew. She has also casually nibbled the corner of my coffee table a couple of times, but is easily redirected.

Syd is an interesting puzzle. She's not very good at sitting. It's very difficult to lure her into a sitting position, and she doesn't know to sit automatically when she wants something like her sisters.

At the same time, Syd has learned how to use the potty bells by the door just by watching Brisbane and Ru. She's a smart pup.

Syd and the girls are nice low-key dogs that should make good family pets. They don't need tons of exercise to stay sane, and aren't constantly on the move. They all chill out very nicely in the house and are content with a couple of walks around the block on days we aren't at work or the beach. We met someone today who is considering adopting Syd. Wish her luck at finding a home of her own!

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