Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Treat Tuesday: EttaSays Little Bitz Toasted Coconut

This bag of EttaSays Little Bitz arrived in our most recent allergy-friendly BarkBox. We get all sorts of new and interesting treats with no beef, chicken, turkey, corn, soy, or wheat in our box. EttaSays makes two flavors of Little Bitz, ours are Toasted Coconut. These are semi-moist and itty bitty.

Good For: High value training treats that are just the right size. Smelling strong enough to get the attention of the dogs without making my hands all gross.

Not Good For: Lasting a long time.

How Much We Like Them: These may become our new go-to training treats when I don't feel like chopping up bits of hot dog or smelling like dried liver all day.

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