Monday, March 9, 2015

Product Review: Petco Squirrel Collar

The Petco Purple Squirrel Collar is a flat collar with a quick release buckle. It is available in three sizes to fit dogs with necks 9-26" around.
Photo by Erin Koski

I don't often buy collars from big box pet stores. It's not that the quality is lacking, I just don't often find things I really like there. Recently though, the major retailers have expanded their offerings beyond basic nylon dog gear. I think the popularity of collars and brands normally found in boutiques has finally caught the attention of the major pet retailers.

I've seen some super cute ribbon collars and prints at Petco recently. I see them on dogs at work, and all over town too. The pink elephants and blue whales are particularly popular. I haven't seen anyone else wearing this particular squirrel collar yet.

Pros: Dark colors don't show the dirt too quickly. Purple plastic buckle blends with the rest of the collar. Squirrels!

Cons: I'm not trusting that pretty purple plastic buckle to hold up to a serious dog play. I've seen a number of colored plastic buckles break.

Bottom Line: I think it's time we moved past the basic bone and pawprint motifs and started adorning dog gear with things that better reflect the wearer's interests. Brisbane is interested in squirrels. Also sheep and tennis balls.

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