Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The March Allergy-Friendly BarkBox!

The theme for this month's Allergy-Friendly BarkBox is "Movie Night". The allergy-friendly version of the monthly goody box comes with no chicken, turkey, beef, corn, soy, wheat, or gluten ingredients...usually.

My favorite thing in this box is the LollyCadoodle Wool Snake. It's a good two feet long and made out of felted wool. It's also super cute! Ru likes to grab and shake it, and newly-returned foster puppy Darla has been carrying it around all evening.

The Pet Qwerks Pawpcorn toy is getting significantly less love around here. Like the flat penguin, it crinkles. I'm trying to convince Darla that it is super awesome, but we may use the Scout's Honor system to swap it for something more fun.

We got three different edible goodies in this month's box. The Healthy Dogma Bacon Hearts are adorable. They remind me of the Superior Farms grain-free biscuits, and are made in the USA.

The Etta Says Toasted Coconut Bitz look like they will be excellent training treats. These are also made in the USA.

The Nature's Bits Salmon Recipe turned out to be a bit of a disappointment because they contain chicken fat. Fortunately I happen to have a spare dog at the moment. I'm really hoping Darla gets adopted before I can feed all of these to her. In that event, I will send them with her to her new home.

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