Friday, March 20, 2015

Food Friday: Mirra-Coat O3 Supplement

Mirra-Coat, by Pet Ag, is a dietary supplement for dogs. As the name implies, Mirra-Coat will supposedly help grow hair on a dog. It contains high levels of vitamins and fatty acids to help fill in nutritional gaps and provide optimal hair-growth. It comes in a 1-pound canister and contains no egg or poultry ingredients.

I'm highly skeptical of most dietary supplements, since many seem to be fairly gimmicky and even extremely popular ones can have very little evidence that they actually work. Still, there's a decent body of evidence that omega fatty acid supplements improve skin and coat health. I give Brisbane ludicrous quantities of fish oils already, because my vet said to keep upping the dose until it causes some sort of digestive upset. As his innards are apparently made of cast iron, I think nothing of tossing him ten capsules a day. Still, his coat was very patchy.

Brisbane has a variety of food and environmental allergies, and is prone to getting hot spots. Despite a whole lot of medication, bathing, and avoidance of triggers, he sometimes scratches his hair off. We've ruled out mites, ringworm, and any other potential causes for his moth-eaten coat. As long as he stops scratching it should grow back eventually. Still, this winter he managed to give himself quite a few bald spots all at once, and they seemed to be taking forever to fill in.

I asked some of my fellow dog nerds on the internet for their favorite skin and coat supplements, and got a variety of answers. This was one of the first that came up, so I ordered a can. I realized after it arrived that it was the special organic type, next time around I'll stick with the regular kind because the organic label annoys me.

My approach to getting Brisbane's hair to grow back has been less scientific and more "throw everything at it and hope something helps", so it's difficult to tell how well the Mirra-Coat is working. I can, however, report that something seems to be helping because the bald patches are finally filling in after months of shameful nudity.

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