Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Treat Tuesday: Etta Says Crunchy Rabbit Chew and Barkworthies Rabbit Bon Bons

Rabbit rabbit is our theme this Treat Tuesday, with Etta Says Crunchy Rabbit Chews and Barkworthies Rabbit Bon Bons. Mmm, rabbit.

The Etta Says Crunchy Rabbit Chew arrived in our December BarkBox and was a quick snack rather than a gnawing project. This is a mixture of ground rawhide and rabbit meat, so it should be digestible but also a little tougher than just plain jerky.

Good For: A nice treat for a special occasion, or when I am walking out the door and wish to stave off separation anxiety by keeping Brisbane busy for a few minutes.

Not Good For: Dogs with beef allergies, since it contains rawhide. Keeping dogs busy for a long time.

How Much We Like It: One of our local independent pet stores just started carrying these, and they are sold individually so I might as well grab a couple whenever we're there.

The Barkworthies All Natural Rabbit Bon Bons came from that same pet store. Barkworthies makes a wide variety of goodies, from bully sticks to antlers and jerky. They did have a recall a couple of weeks ago, for chicken jerky treats potentially contaminated with salmonella. That seems to be an ongoing issue with chicken jerky in general, but at least Barkworthies chicken jerky is made in the USA and not China. These rabbit bon bons, however, are a product of Australia, where the surplus of rabbits is infinite.

Good For: Stuffing in size large and bigger Kongs. Treating dogs with allergies, since rabbit is the sole ingredient.

Not Good For: Training treats, though tasty they're also huge.

How Much We Like Them: They just fit so perfectly through the hole of the Kongs, like they were made to go there. "This is my hole! It was made for me!"

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