Thursday, January 15, 2015

Chihuahua Fashion Moment: Top Paw Licensed T-Shirts

Ru has a Top Paw Licensed My Little Pony t-shirt, and it is awesome. Mostly because it has a My Little Pony on it. See that pony? That's Princess Sparkle from the 1986 Princess Pony collection. I own this pony. I own many, many ponies.
Photo by Erin Koski

Top Paw is a Petsmart house brand, and they offer everything from collars to beds to apparel. Their licensed character offerings have included 80's cartoons, super heroes, and the Muppets.

I like the quality of most of the Top Paw clothes I've seen, but unfortunately they just aren't made to fit Ru. He's just too long and skinny, so I have to choose between shirts that are pretty short like this one, or ones that are so wide that the slithers out through the neck. I only bought this particular shirt because, dude, My Little Pony.

I kind of feel like myself and most of my friends have similar issues finding people clothes that fit. We discuss the fit models on which the clothes were designed, and how their bodies must differ from ours. Clearly the Top Paw fit models are wide, short-backed dogs. Maybe French bulldogs. Definitely not slinky-uahuas.

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