Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Product Review: Hugs Pet Products Pugz Boots

Pugz Boots by Hugs Pet Products are warm protective boots for cold weather. They are made from soft, breathable synthetic materials and are available in four sizes.
Photo by Erin Koski

I will freely admit that Brisbane has entirely too many shoes for a dog that lives in the beach. These are another thrift store find, and they would probably be awesome if we ever saw snow without making a road trip.

Pugz Boots are definitely more of a fashion statement than a functional shoe. They're clearly modeled and named after Uggs, which are amazingly comfortable yet hideous human shoes. I myself own a pair of purple Uggs rainboots that can occasionally be spotted in the background.
Photo by Erin Koski

Pugz are built on the basic foot-in-a-bag shoe model, with the addition of a somewhat rigid rubber sole at the bottom. The sole kind of reminds me of a baby shoe at the bottom, I don't think Brisbane's feet are quite that long and skinny.

I think the sizing on these boots has changed since Brisbane's were produced, because his are labeled as a size 6. The backs of his boots open with velcro, and they also have a long velcro strap to wrap around his ankles.
Who hates shoes? Briz hates shoes.
Photo by Erin Koski

These stay on about as well as any single-strap foot-in-a-bag shoes, which means they can handle some walking but are likely to go flying if Brisbane picks up the pace. The soft fleecy padding means that even when I strap the boots on very tightly, I can still pull them off with a light tug. Lost dog boots are a giant pain in the butt, so I usually end up using fabric paint to put my phone number on each individual shoe in case someone finds it. I'm classy that way.
Shoes make Brisbane lose the will to live.
Photo by Erin Koski
Pugz dog boots currently come in four sizes, the largest of which should fit paws 2" wide and 3.5" long. Brisbane's paws are 2" wide, and these are a decent fit. That said, Briz is a 40-pound dog with compact feet, there is absolutely no way an actual large dog would fit in these. Among his many sets of shoes, Brisbane has a hand-me-down set of Old Navy boots from my dearly departed cocker spaniel, who weighed all of 25 pounds. She had great lumbering hairy spaniel feet, Brisbane's aren't much bigger.
Too depressed to even put that foot down.
Photo by Erin Koski

Pros: Fuzzy and adorable, perfect for protecting hard floors and slippery feet. May also deter foot-chewers from foot-chewing. I would feel comfortable leaving these on Brisbane for an extended period of time while he lazed around the house.

Cons: Don't really stay on that well. Not waterproof or particularly durable. They also run small, so buying one size larger is recommended.

Bottom Line: If I hadn't found these in a thrift store, I probably wouldn't own them. That said, they're probably the cutest shoes in Brisbane's closet. As he ages, they may see some use as traction shoes on our hard floors.

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